Posted in August 2012

Myths vs. Facts about Teacher Evaluation

Let’s face it. When we hear there will be a change in the way our supervisor evaluates our job performance, it can be scary. We just hope the changes that are coming are helpful and fair. To dispel some of the misconceptions we are hearing about Ohio’s new teacher evaluation system, ODE has put together Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System: … Continue reading

Additional Physical Education Evaluation Training Workshops Scheduled

Additional Physical Education Evaluation Training Workshops Scheduled

Senate Bill 210 identifies four components that will make up a health and wellness measure to appear on Local and State Report Cards for 2012-2013. Those components are benchmark evaluation, body mass index (BMI), physical activity and compliance with local wellness policy. To help teachers determine if the benchmarks in the first component are being met, ODE has developed … Continue reading

Consider Becoming an Advanced Placement Mentor

Have you taught Advanced Placement courses and developed expertise you could share? Then ODE’s Advanced Placement Network Mentor Program might be a nice opportunity for you. The program pairs veteran AP teachers with newer AP teachers to support the latters’ professional growth. To participate in the stipend program, mentors must have at least three years of experience teaching AP courses and agree … Continue reading