Video Highlights–Statewide Teacher Evaluation Symposium

Last May, 2,000 educators and school administrators gathered at Ohio’s first Statewide Teacher Evaluation Symposium to learn about the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES). If you missed the event, you can see a video here featuring remarks from teachers and principals who participated in last year’s OTES pilot at 250 schools.

3 thoughts on “Video Highlights–Statewide Teacher Evaluation Symposium

  1. Great to see a classroom-specific student learning objective (SLO) system. As an International Baccalaureate teacher we use a unit of inquiry (AOI) to drive student learning. As a certified teacher in the State of Ohio I did not feel the opportunity for growth and left Ohio to find new challenges professionally. Maybe there is more hope in Ohio now for a better education model!

  2. This fourteen minute video of the “highlights” of the Statewide Teacher Evaluation System Symposium was nothing but fourteen minutes of propaganda about why the system is so good. The intent is to try to convince teachers that OTES is a good thing for them and to not fear it.

    • Agreed. With all of the education and experience of teachers in Ohio it will be a great asset if they feel the freedom to use their own style addressing student needs. Do you think that it will increase collaboration between teaching professionals?

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