Making Value-Added work for you: Roster Verification

Next school year, many Ohio school districts and community schools will begin using teacher Value-Added data for the first time as part of the Student Growth Measure portion of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. If you are a teacher who receives Value-Added reports, it is extremely important to make sure you are matched to growth data for the correct students. To make these student-teacher links, you will be asked this coming April to verify which students you have taught, for how long and in what subjects during the 2012-2013 school year.  Likewise, your principal will be asked to review and sign off on your roster(s).

The time you spend thoroughly checking the roster(s) on record for you, and correcting as needed, will help ensure that the final summative rating your district gives you within your district evaluation plan truly reflects your impact as a teacher.

Principals are learning link/roster verification is about and how they can prepare their buildings for the spring roster verification process during training sessions taking place around the state this month.

Here is the roster verification schedule:

  • April 8–23 – School Set-Up – Educators gain access to verify the school staff list and class assignments;
  • April 24 –May 14 – Teacher Roster Verification period;
  • May 15 – June 5 – Principal Roster Verification review and approval.

Finally, if your district or school is new to roster verification, or could use a refresher, use the Roster Verification resources available on the Ohio Student Progress Portal (, including the Why Link? video series.