Online License Application System Now Open

teach_students_stickyIn just a few minutes online, you may now renew or apply for most educator licenses listed here through the Ohio Department of Education’s secure CORE My Educator Profile system.

Only one thing must happen before you can apply for or renew your educator license online: whoever signs teacher license applications for your organization must first enroll in CORE My Educator Profile as an electronic signer. Check with your signer now to make sure he or she has enrolled. Beginning January 2014 – all first-time and renewal licensure applications must be completed online. 

Depending on the type of license application you wish to submit, your electronic signer would be your superintendent (or his or her designee), Local Professional Development Committee coordinator or other district staff person listed in an appropriate role in the redesigned Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS-R). When you complete a state of Ohio approved licensure program and apply for that initial license, you will need the signature of the college of education SLOsdean or his or her designee. Please note that initial out-of-state licensure requests DO NOT require an authorized e-signer.

Access or create your SAFE account to get started on the easy online application process through My Educator Profile. Once you have a SAFE account you will be able to access My Educator Profile from the ODE CORE link on your SAFE account menu. If you like, you may click here for informational videos and the My Educator Profile User Guide for more information. Questions may be directed to ODE’s Office of Educator Licensure at (614) 466-3593 or